Planet B Gardens

Planet B Gardens is the 10-acre homestead I purchased in beautiful northwestern Montana the summer of 2014 to start my own local mini-farm. I started with a small vegetable garden and hothouse. I added apple and cherry trees, along with blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry plants. Goats, turkeys, chickens, and ducks came next. You can keep up with the latest happenings on the Planet B Gardens blog, along with recipes, what worked, what didn’t, and what I’m trying next.

Local mountain goat kid

Sometimes you’ll see me at local farmers’ markets in Columbia Falls, and Kalispell, Montana during the summer under the name Planet B Harvest.

I see a need for decentralizing food production and building healthy local food ecosystems. While big agribusiness and factory farming were once working solutions for providing reasonably healthy food for folks, small-scale, localized food production stands a better chance of providing quality food at reasonable cost in the near future. Why is localizing food production a good idea? More on that here: Why Grow Local along with ideas for getting started. — Ise Lund

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